Food Risk Control through a HACCP System


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a system of a food safety and management system that can help you identify the different risks and ensure control over your products and services, thus providing the security of proper handling of any of your food or products.

The search for a better approach to food safety, for each process from the manufacture, storage and distribution methods of a food product is analyzed to detect the different microbiological, physical and chemical risks to take control measures to prevent and eradicate them.

One of the advantages of having a HACCP plan is that its applicability is diversified either with SMEs or multinational organizations, it is extremely useful and can guarantee the safety of your products or services to your organization.


You need to start by establishing the prerequisites, that is, the activities necessary to create an ideal hygienic environment according to the principles of this system. This will allow you to easily identify the critical control points to control them.

There are standard prerequisites defined by specialized organizations, as well as by the legislation of each country, but it is each business or each sector must be in charge of knowing which ones are applicable according to their needs.

For each organization involved in the food industry, certain requirements are mandatory.

Some of the necessary prerequisites for you to implement your HACCP system are the following:

Maintenance planning

Where you will establish the suitable conditions for the necessary work facilities, equipment and machinery, in addition to ensuring their constant review and maintenance.

Staff training planning

In this step you must establish a methodology and training schedule for your staff, with which you will ensure that they have the necessary knowledge for their good performance.

Cleaning and disinfection planning

In order to establish responsibilities for the cleaning and disinfection process, the frequency and manner in which it should be carried out.

Organising a pest control plan

Same that will help you prevent any type of plague through the documentation and fumigation plan and services for the reproduction of animals.

Water supply and temperature control plan

The purpose of this plan is that you can guarantee the safety of the water through appropriate controls and analyzes. On the other hand, it will help you keep a record so that you maintain the optimal temperatures for each type of food, for each process they go through and for their conservation.

Supplier monitoring plan

By creating this plan you can ensure that each supply will not compromise the integrity and safety of the food.

Waste control

By means of a waste control, contamination of waste, other products, etc., is avoided. In this plan you will be able to document the waste cleaning and disposal protocol, its frequency, its treatment and its final destination.

Once the prerequisites are met, you will be ready to implement your HACCP system with control points (PC) critical control points (PPC) for the operation of your organization, taking into account each risk and reducing the danger that may exist.

Food Hazard Control HACCP


HACCP is structured with 7 key points that you will find below:

  1. Detect the dangers to avoid, eliminate or reduce.
  2. Identify critical control points that require systematic control.
  3. Limits according to acceptable levels of risk.
  4. Surveillance and control systems.
  5. Corrective measures.
  6. Verification of the HACCP system in good working order.
  7. Systematization of documents and records to document the system.

These principles will guide you by the hand to be able to have control and excellent food handling in your organization, always taking care of the microbiological, physical, bacteriological and risks that may affect the food industry.

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