What is ISO 14001 Certification?

The ISO 14001 standard is responsible for establishing an environmental management system (EMS) in which customers are assured that the company carries out its productive activity in accordance with the stipulated environmental procedures. To obtain this standard, it is necessary to carry out a Conformity Assessment of the implemented environmental management system.

Companies certified to ISO 14001 demonstrate that they carry out their production activities in accordance with the standards set by the environmental standard, in addition to helping and promoting the protection of the natural environment and preventing pollution.

This standard requires the company to create an environmental management plan that includes: environmental objectives and goals, policies and procedures for achieving those goals, defined responsibilities, staff training activities, documentation and a system for monitoring any changes and progress made.


ISO 14001 helps to manage and identify environmental risks that may occur internally in your company. With the identification and management of risks achieved with this standard, both risk prevention and environmental protection must be taken into account, following legal regulations and the socio-economic needs required for compliance.

Incorporating environmental issues when managing and organizing your company throughout the chain of command, from top management to employees, greatly facilitates the successful achievement of the strategic objectives set by the company in terms of environmental commitment.

By complying with environmental regulations, your company will improve its image. This will give you a competitive advantage over other companies that do not comply with ISO 14001.

What is ISO certification 14001?


ISO 14000 focuses on the organization, with the objective that the company develops an environmental management system to comply with environmental legislation and reduce the potential environmental impact.

Let’s mention exactly what are the main benefits of certifying your company in ISO 14001.

It contributes to cost reduction, as it implements an efficient use of resources. This includes measures such as cost reduction (electricity, water, fuel).
Increases profitability by reducing energy costs and emissions.
Improves corporate image with regulatory authorities and the government, showing compliance with environmental legislation.
Gives greater prestige to your company, as it improves the perception of customers and society in general.
It helps to generate market opportunities, since it is an international standard that allows establishing alliances between companies from different countries that are certified under the ISO 14001 standard.
Increases efficiency in the usual performance of your organization, since the environmental management system provides an overview of all the operations carried out, favoring the improvement of processes and the identification of possible internal problems that arise in the management.
It contributes to increase employee motivation, as they belong to an organization committed to environmental care.
Reduces the risk of environmental accidents.
It allows to obtain new clients, as well as to improve the satisfaction of the ones you already have, since they are more and more aware of the importance of the environment.

Due to all the above benefits of implementing and certifying ISO 14001, it can clearly be considered a competitive advantage over competitors that are not certified under this standard.

It should be noted that ISO 14001 is voluntary, has no legal obligation and does not establish a set of quantitative targets in terms of emission levels or specific methods of measuring these emissions, however, certified companies stand out and develop in a more environmentally friendly manner.

From a global perspective, the implementation of international environmental management standards that promote the care of air, water and soil quality represent a great contribution to global efforts to preserve the environment in which we live.

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