Employment in the construction industry

Employment in the construction industry


Employment in the construction industry in Mexico and the world has been modified by different circumstances, whether due to the market, natural phenomena, updating, vanguard, environmental issues, climate change, specialization, collaborators and labor.

All these factors have been overcome by the construction industry with different strategies that have allowed them to remain in the market, which have generated great costs and losses that have almost led to the extinction of the less positioned organizations.

According to figures from the FITCH rating agency, growth in the construction sector will be negative in 2021 due to the slowdown in construction activity, which also affects employment.

Copying successful models has worked for some, but for others it has caused them to disappear or be left in bad conditions that do not allow them to operate normally.

One of the most functional strategies for construction companies and for any type of organization is prevention, and this can be applied with the development of a good strategic planning, operational controls, trained personnel, knowledge and compliance with the legal parts that concern them. In addition to having a management system that allows to solve and comply with many of the mandatory points for the industry.

One of the important points we have mentioned are the collaborators, since they are a fundamental part in the operation, management, development, growth and permanence of a company in the market.


We must take into account the figures provided by INEGI regarding employment and occupation in the sector, which tell us that, based on seasonally adjusted figures, the value of production generated by construction companies registered an increase, the total number of people employed was higher and the hours worked were more; while the average real remunerations also increased.

All these points should be taken into account by the construction industry, since the focus on the client is fundamental because the implication of a good project with qualified personnel results in a project that complies with standards, as well as deliveries in time and form.

Quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems are an important support for construction organizations in Mexico because they help to generate confidence due to their compliance with international standards, strategies, continuous improvement, reviews and legal compliance.

Occupational health and safety helps to provide considerable improvements for the organization, brings benefits for workers, awareness, competence assessment, awareness, and identification of hazards and risks leads to achieve a better way of working.

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In terms of legal issues, there are several laws and regulations that must be complied with and having a management system complies with these requirements.

Some of the legal aspects of labor issues can be found in the Federal Labor Law, as well as the safe practices in the construction industry of the Undersecretary of Labor, specifically the General Directorate of Safety and Health at Work, which talks about safety and health guidelines in the design and contracting of works, planning and administration, as well as general work procedures and specific work procedures.

The above is a mixture of technical contributions and the use of data provided by the USA, Canada, Spain and several others, in addition to the information and contributions of the General Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health.

Based on this, you can see that the construction industry has different options to implement management systems either quality, environmental, occupational health and safety or even in an integral way.

It is an important effort that organizations in the industry make and that are crowned with obtaining the certification and all the benefits it brings, such as growth, reduction of rework, employee motivation, operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and, above all, the image of solidity and confidence.

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