The global education sector and its impact on COVID-19

The global education sector and how it is affected by COVID-19


The health crisis we are experiencing internationally has brought hard repercussions in the economic sector. Attending to the different needs and urgent issues such as the pandemic and the closing of businesses in different sectors, has not allowed us to turn our attention completely to schools, as it currently has serious repercussions that we are beginning to recognize and will affect in the short, medium and long term.

Due to the pandemic, schools began to close their doors, as the health crisis was growing, and as the months went by, they closed all over the world. Since then, all countries have operated without schoolchildren attending classes and few countries have returned to face-to-face classes.

The hard blow of the coronavirus allowed us to see so far more clearly the inequality between different socioeconomic levels and education, both in the resources of households and schools themselves, has been a radical turn in the education sector, and the impact will be in some negative aspects and as many positive in millions of young people and children students, marking different generations online education.

Different online teaching difficulties arose, which allowed us to realize that not only a computer and connectivity were not enough. Understanding the reality of most students at home was never taken into account for their development, and now a small mismatch in the way of life, raises issues that we must take into account and undertake an action plan to address and counteract the results of our new reality in order to help our students.


We are facing a new reality, since there was a crossover of school and home coexistence, now we have a mixture of the dynamics of study with those of the home, and in many cases, also of work. It is necessary to understand that a great number of parents cannot accompany their children in classes or homework, due to lack of time, knowledge or not knowing how to transmit them.

As parents delegate almost the total responsibility of their children to teachers for school, education and values, they do not have the capacity to guide them as they do in school.

Now, the confinement is much more difficult, since they are confined in a limited space, without having the opportunity to perform the different activities that make up a healthy development, such as outdoor activities, socializing with friends and people of their personal circle, is paralyzing the development and potential of our children.

Due to the security measures that we choose to safeguard ourselves, school children begin to have a significant increase in stress, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, fatigue and lack of energy, which must be treated by both families and educational institutions to provide assistance at a distance, and that students can develop and learn properly and taking care of their health.

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  • There are opinions about the risk of desertion, since it will multiply when adding the gaps in learning due to the lack of resources, and the strong need of millions of young people to integrate into the labor environment prematurely; which can trigger more precarious jobs and increase the percentage of students with greater needs and fewer tools, in an economic environment that is expected to be the most complicated of the last 100 years.Given the current situation, it is important that schools at all educational levels are highly trained and prepared for any contingency, for the welfare of students and their organization.

    The certifications in ISO standards, especially in the quality standard ISO 9001:2015 provides a whole structure for schools to be able to manage in the most appropriate way in case of contingencies, in addition to promoting continuous improvement. We are talking about the risk of a lost generation due to the impacts on education of Covid-19 and action is needed to avoid it.

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