Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 certification for the metalworking industry

Metal-mechanic industry benefits of ISO 9001:2015 certification


The new Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC), which will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), creates a great opportunity for Mexican suppliers, as the regional content will increase, forcing companies to purchase a greater amount of inputs from the three countries that comprise it, with the metal-mechanic sector installed in Mexico being the most benefited due to its costs and quality.

This agreement is the result of the work of the politicians, the vision and flexibility shown by the negotiators of the three countries to achieve the necessary balance and maintain the trilateral nature of the agreement. The Government of Mexico expresses its satisfaction with the agreement reached with Canada and the United States, as the Agreement will allow the North American region to deepen its productive integration in order to continue to be one of the most competitive regions in the world.

The modernization of NAFTA offers the opportunity to expand its success, face current challenges and adapt an integration model to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the economy of the 21st century.


The metal-mechanic industry is comprised of all those companies that are in charge of transforming metal into consumer goods. According to data provided by the Ministry of Economy, the metal-mechanic industry is one of the main contributors to Mexico’s GDP. According to Canacintra data, companies in this sector include all industries whose activities are related to the transformation, lamination or extrusion of metal.

The growth of the metal-mechanic sector in Mexico could be interesting, since many pronouncements have been made regarding the investment of large national and international corporations in Mexico, due to the fact that our country has once again become an attractive market for investors.

In Mexico, the metal-mechanic, automotive and aerospace industries will receive greater investment, due to the fact that they are industries dedicated to manufacturing, sheet metal work, repair, casting, assembly and transformation of metal products.



This tool presents a solution for intelligent manufacturing, for this topic the Smart Manufacturing Solution (SIMS) was presented, which includes machinery, production and intelligent management applications.

SIMS integrates press, production lines and factory management systems to achieve different levels of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent production and management applications.

Intelligent Machinery Application: equipped with flexible and highly expandable software modules, SEYI servo and mechanical presses can automatically monitor machine status and provide early warning to increase production efficiency and reduce unexpected downtime.
Smart Production Application: SIMS can help customers make decisions by auto sensing, deciding and executing functions in the process of feeding, transferring and replacing production dies after customers receive an order.
Intelligent Management Application: through the Internet, SIMS integrates different categories of production line signals. Machine status and production data, such as overall efficiency or production status, are obtained through controllers and sensors.

This solution not only provides management information such as production reports or equipment efficiency, but also integrates systems such as ERP or MES. The management and handling of remote operations effectively reduces production costs to achieve the highest efficiency in intelligent management.  It is also important to know the 7 principles of quality, this will help your company to reduce costs and have a better positioning within the competition.

By keeping in mind the above, the metalworking sector will also be highly benefited, and if they have the ISO 9001:2015 certification they will find a greater benefit and more customers, to be able to perform more efficiently all activities for companies in the metalworking industry.

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