ISO 14001 in the construction industry.

ISO 14001 in the construction industry.


The creation of an environmental policy, the identification of environmental impacts, the definition of objectives and targets leads to the improvement of the environmental behavior and performance of organizations.

The ISO 14001: 2015 standard is focused on compliance with environmental issues of organizations, improvement of environmental performance, as well as reduction, management and prevention of pollution of the environment and the environment. This standard is not created as a control of environmental performance actually seeks progress in environmental issues.

The environmental management system in addition to having benefits in the environmental management of organizations also brings reduction in the costs of disposal, handling and transportation of waste. We can also see a better use of raw materials.

Many instances dedicated to the surveillance of compliance with environmental requirements consider having an Environmental Management System implemented and certified; it improves and complies with the different laws and regulations, which allows access to permits and concessions in environmental matters.


For the construction industry, one of the most important points that must be fulfilled, planned and contemplated are the environmental aspects, since any project of this type modifies, changes and can even damage the environment, the surroundings and the place where the new project will be located; which must be avoided by having a correct planning, as well as a good identification of possible risks.

For a construction company, besides being very useful, it allows you to have an environmental policy that you must comply with, achieve and maintain. It also allows you to control and identify significant environmental impacts, legal requirements that apply, mandatory resources, define your processes, procedures and based on this define and implement the objectives of your company.

One of the best ways to comply with all relevant points in a construction project is to have an Environmental Management System developed and certified.  In this industry the issue of pollutant emissions that must also be controlled and subject in the context of the Environmental Management System are of utmost importance as this can bring sanctions and penalties.

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Another relevant point that should be considered in the Environmental Management System is that, although all projects are different, what they have in common is that they are temporary, i.e. the works, for this reason an environmental management plan should be developed for the work with the aspects or modifications for each particularity and individuality.

One of the benefits of implementing and certifying management systems is that they improve the organization’s image, raise awareness among collaborators, and comply with environmental guidelines.

Regarding the follow-up of legal requirements, there are different requirements that must be covered, in some cases they are local, state or federal, depending on the designation, country or region. They can be licenses or permits that are processed with governmental agencies that determine the viability of the project and decide whether or not to grant such permits.

Companies in the construction sector can master the reduction of waste generation and emissions generated in the project through good practices. It is also a great success to focus on the use of water, soil, raw materials, noise generation, waste management, as well as the transformation and occupation of the environment.

There are several benefits of having an Environmental Management System under the international standard ISO 14001:2015 that we can mention, but the important thing is that organizations in the construction sector are aware of them and take full advantage of the growth, competitiveness, reliability and everything that comes with it.

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