Benefits of ISO 9001 in the transportation sector

ISO 9001 certification benefits in the transportation sector


The ISO 9001 certification will help you to improve the services provided by your company, in the case of the transportation sector or whatever the field in which you develop, it will help you to improve processes and have higher quality. In this case your company must provide conformity in the services to satisfy the customer and, in the same way, a better business performance.

We call transportation the set of processes that aim to meet the needs of movement and communication, either of people or goods. These processes are carried out using different means of transport (automobile, truck, airplane, ships) that circulate on certain communication routes (roads, railways, sea, air).

The transportation sector is in great demand in society because it allows the movement of goods and people, achieving a social integration that benefits development. It is for this reason that an improvement in the sector is needed, with improved services and less use of resources. At present, the aim is to ensure that the means of transportation use much less energy or use alternative forms of energy that will help to have a better future.

Means of transportation allow to send different things, either within a country or to other countries. Transportation plays a very important role in trade and, therefore, in the economy of countries, since it is through them that raw materials and processed products are taken from the centers of production to the centers of consumption.

The role of the transportation sector in industry is of utmost importance for the movement of inputs, raw materials and finished products for various industries and customers in national and international territories.


ISO 9001 certification has been consolidated in the transport sector as a tool to improve the corporate image, i.e. companies are committed to comply with this standard in order to attract more customers, but not out of concern for the consequences that their activities may have on the environment and society.

ISO 9001 in the transport sector promotes the identification of key aspects in each of your processes and supports you in documenting them, providing you with a key benefit in areas such as vehicle and infrastructure maintenance, operations, traffic and human resources.

One of the main points you should address when managing quality is internal communication, as it will be one of the most important tools to be able to evaluate the proper functioning of the measures you implement and to improve those defects that can be appreciated.

The quality management system that the standard establishes great advantages to the companies of the sector that have implemented it, becoming an almost essential tool in the bet for the continuous improvement of the organizations.

The implementation of a quality management system under the ISO 9001 standard in your transport or logistics company is an ideal platform from which other management systems can be implemented, such as:

ISO 14001 for the environment
ISO 45001 for risk prevention

ISO 9001 transporte


Trade has evolved in various regions of the world at the same pace as the possibilities of transporting goods.

Before the existence of roads, trade was developed on waterways, since this means of transport was the one that made possible the formation and expansion of such markets, hence this progress took a long time to reach the inland regions, as it was conditioned to the existence of means of transport.

Within the commercial context, transportation fulfills two fundamental functions: adding value to what is transported and satisfying a human or industrial demand. Goods have a value at their place of origin and another at their destination, which justifies their mobilization.

Increasingly, companies are demanding more attention and capacity, so those that are more efficient in the management and service of transportation will have a competitive advantage, which will quickly translate into a solid business.

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