Why should you implement ISO 20000-1 in your organization?

The implementation of ISO 20000-1 in your organization is very important because technology today is vital for the effective and fast resolution of the demands and needs of your customers, this generates the continuous improvement of productivity, as well as the reduction of costs and errors in the processes because it favors greater speed, reliability and constant communication inside and outside your organization.

The new technologies that have been developed in our planet have achieved endless changes in the environment, in the activities of our daily life and in the work processes. The implementation of technology in your activities can streamline tasks and certainly avoid rework in your organization.

Information technology systems are of vital importance for the proper functioning, and likewise, your organization must be prepared to implement this system because it requires constant supervision by technicians or professionals in this field, being constantly updated and reviewed to avoid losses or wear of your technology system.


It is the application of computers and telecommunication equipment for corporate uses, this in order to store, retrieve, transfer and manage data in your organization, in order to standardize the management processes of the services you provide and the distribution of information in your different areas.

All this together achieves the fulfillment of your objectives, so that their processes meet the requirements and needs of your customer, to reduce risks and generate a framework of good practices, also help you reduce costs in your organization due to the improvement of processes.



In your organization the implementation of ISO 20000-1 helps you to organize and create a continuous improvement in your processes, guiding you on a path of quality and efficiency in your technology services, this generates that employees perform an excellent job and ensures productivity, as well as increasing the entire satisfaction of your business partners due to the high efficiency service.

Some of the main benefits are:

  • Image improvement: this system, without a doubt, improves your image, due to the inclusion of modern technologies, systematized processes and perfect control of each one, bringing success to your organization.
    Productivity: the reliability generated by obtaining an ISO 20000-1 certification makes your employees more committed and satisfied with their work, which generates greater productivity in the performance of their activities and safety in the processes with a focus on detail and fulfillment of objectives.
    Satisfied customers: the product or service you provide your organization will be made under the best practices implemented, which will lead you to convert your prospects into potential customers and to be the main supplier of these.
    Organizational culture: in addition to the best practices that are implemented, your company has the obligation and commitment to constantly update its IT systems, so that its continuous improvement will be constant and will help you avoid and prevent risks, due to the systematization of processes.
    Innovation: the changes caused by the implementation of this system make your company always innovate in skills and techniques of employees to optimize delivery times or work, as well as to provide new ideas to improve the system and context of the organization.
    Competitive advantage: the previous points lead you to a competitive advantage over your direct competition, which generates a greater attraction of customers, and a better positioning in your sector, as a result of the success of your organization.

For your organization to keep your customers and get more, it is necessary to properly manage your information and its handling. ISO 20000-1 is the ideal standard to support your organization to grow in a sustained way.

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