Do you know the history of ISO 9001?

¿Como surgio LA NORMA ISO 9001?

ISO, known in English as the International Organization for Standardization, was created by the union of two organizations that were constituted by national associations dedicated to the development of standards. The Geneva Organization was created on February 27, 1947, with headquarters in Geneva and in 2021 it celebrated its 74th anniversary.

ISO standards are those models that serve as a reference for the manufacture and/or evaluation of some product; specifically, ISO 9001 is a quality tool in relation to the products and services we consume.

Today, quality is no longer limited only to the product, but encompasses the entire process and production chain that must ensure product conformity. Product quality measurements and tests are carried out in the production chain. It is the company’s duty to demonstrate product quality to the customer.

In the middle of the 20th century, a study of quality as a strategic resource in the business environment began. As we mentioned before, when we talk about quality we are not referring to the part that affects a specific product or service, but to the whole process involved in its production.

In 1987 was the first time the ISO 9001 standard was published, since then it has been used by various companies in order to demonstrate what they consistently offer. This also has an impact on making their procedures more effective and efficient.


The purpose of this strategy is to make companies competitive within a given market. ISO 9001 is a global reference standard that serves as a quality model for companies to achieve their objectives, regardless of their size or sector of activity.

Companies must not only guarantee the conformity of their products and services, but must also satisfy their customers and provide them with the assurance that they are carried out under internationally recognized guidelines.

The ISO 9001 standard is updated as processes evolve, and the latest version was published in 2015.


Companies that want to have this certification must design a quality management system (QMS) in which a series of guidelines are determined:

  • Define the criteria and work methodology to achieve quality standards.
  • Establish measures for the permanent evaluation of all the sections that are part of the business activity.
  • To establish the action processes and the interaction between them.

ISO 9001 is a commitment to quality, a way to establish common rules of the game in the business activity within the global framework in which we find ourselves, so getting certified in this international standard will provide you with a series of unequaled advantages that will make you grow and stand out from your competition.

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