Do you know the International Standard ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is an international standard applicable to all types of organizations regardless of their size or activity. The main objective of this standard is to integrate energy management within organizations, covering the purchase of raw materials and energy supplies to promote savings and optimize energy consumption.

This standard promotes not only energy management, but also helps to minimize the carbon footprint and reduce the environmental impact. In addition, it is easier to integrate with other existing management systems, whether quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) or others.


The application of this standard gives you the support of efficiency in the measures adopted by the management, leading responsible and consciously its operation and implementation with good communication and participation of all parties that make up your company.

By making a prior planning of objectives, constant review and improvement of the system, all this together allows you to set priorities giving you solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption.

One of the first steps you should take to implement this standard is an assessment of the impact of the cracks to identify the resources and time that will be used in the process. A previous assessment allows your organization to study and identify the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to you.

You must also take into account the stakeholders that influence the implementation of your system, to size the scope of the system by defining your quality policy and ensure the proper functioning with the determination of roles and assignment of responsibilities.

The measures to be used can be of a technical nature such as voltage optimization, variable speed drives for electric motors, energy-saving lighting, modernization of heating systems, air conditioning, etcetera.



ISO 50001 aims to encourage your organization to increase the efficient use of energy in the company’s facilities and by your staff, so you must objectively identify your needs to promote the change of culture in the use of energy.

For a correct management of the energy system you must implement in your company:

Energy policy: The management must develop its policy and consider risks, opportunities and ensure that the principles of energy management are complemented by the structure that takes place in your organization. It is the starting point to address the management system, you must establish the commitment of your organization in order to obtain progress in energy compliance.
Energy planning: establish a manual of the energy management system and aspects related to energy use and consumption in your organization, where you put in writing the processes to follow to carry out the proper implementation of the system so that the staff involved incur in good practices and procedures, as well as legal requirements to be carried out.
Implementation and operation: is the adoption of processes to know their energy consumption and undertake actions, plans and energy efficiency goals achieving the reduction in consumption. By developing the necessary tools for monitoring and means you will be able to measure and analyze your management system.
Monitoring the system: you must observe how the process and execution of the system is being carried out, in order to carry out preventive and corrective actions. In addition, you should include communication and training to your employees so that they follow the established guidelines.

Depending on your company’s activities, this standard will help you maximize the use of energy sources and related goods; you will be able to reduce the depletion of energy resources, as well as global warming; and at the same time, make your operations more efficient.

Its correct operation will depend on the maturity of your company and its employees, as well as on the efficiency of your system, its structure and the practices that are implemented.

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