International Certification Body in ISO Standards

Certified Companies

This section is intended for our customers and third parties interested in confirming the veracity and validity of the documents issued by QAlliance (Understanding by “Document” the ISO 9001 Management System Certificates).

The procedure to verify the accuracy and validity of a document is as follows:

  1. Send a legible scanned copy and/or the code of the document (ID of the certificate) to be verified together with the name of the company to
  2. Once the document and/or data is received, QAlliance will identify the document and proceed to review and validate it.
  3. Once an answer is defined, QAlliance will communicate to the Interested Party the result of the Document review, via email.
  4. In case QAlliance identifies forged documents, QAlliance reserves the right to proceed legally.
  5. Or, enter the Certificate ID in the field below:
ISO Certified Companies