Exports of medical devices in Mexico

Exports of medical devices in Mexico


The main products exported by Mexico are orthopedic devices, therapy equipment, X-rays, surgical, veterinary and dental instruments. The main countries that purchase products from Mexico are Germany, U.S.A., France and Italy.

Mexico is ranked number 1 on the continent and number 8 internationally in exports of medical devices. All these points indicate that these instruments, devices and apparatus must comply with different national, local and foreign requirements.

Therefore, many companies or organizations choose to look for international standards that, although not mandatory, are still important and give your organization a better image, standards, profitability, growth and knowledge of the market in which it operates to generate sales and reach new markets.

As Mexico is an attractive market for foreigners, there has been an increase in foreign investment in the medical device industry, which is growing rapidly.


According to ProMéxico, Mexico’s geographical location gives it competitive advantages in terms of logistics, review of manufacturing processes and plants, as well as product review.

Mexico also has different strengths that it offers to the interior and exterior of the country, such as competitive costs due to savings in the manufacture of medical instruments, plastics, precision and metal manufacturing.

Also in terms of human capital the advantages are important, having technically competent and specialized personnel, has been a constant because every year around 110 thousand students graduate from different careers that will be established in the medical device industry and that, being in the industry with its continuous growth, improvement and specialization will also become the ideal personnel for the industry.

Mexico’s location allows for considerable logistical savings and close supervision of the manufacturing process; it also facilitates plant inspection by health authorities and allows for quick response to sudden changes in trends.

In Mexico, medical devices are classified according to the risk involved in their use, and can be Class I, II and III.

Class I: those inputs known in medical practice whose safety and efficacy are proven and are generally not introduced into the organism.
Class II: those inputs known in medical practice that are generally introduced into the organism and remain in the body for less than thirty days.
Class III: those inputs recently accepted in medical practice that are introduced into the organism and remain in it for more than thirty days.

All these measures have provided solid bases to the different companies and organizations that contribute to their growth and benefit.

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When buyers look for products at an international level, many of the main conditions are that they comply with the basic requirements of the product itself, in addition to specific issues of quality, service, maintenance and international standards; which are sometimes decisive to be taken into account and subsequently have the possibility of becoming suppliers of different and large international organizations.

Some of these points are to have management systems, as well as having certifications in different standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 depending on the line of business and type of company will be the requirement.


Companies that decide to work under an international standard in addition to the regulatory standards of their own entity have greater competitive advantages, better income and greater market share, risk reduction, captive customers, reduced costs, measurable activities, efficiency and effectiveness of staff activities and the organization rises.

In general, a management system in the standard that you decide to obtain will allow you to obtain tangible benefits of growth and permanence in the market with a sustained and healthy stability.

In spite of the fact that many organizations have already been able to verify that their competitors have resources, products, services and legal regulations very similar to their own, some manage to have an exponential growth and no matter how hard they look, they do not find the way to reach the same point.

You only have to make an analysis of your competition and see that they follow the rules, look for ways, comply with regulations, accept new and different things, take the initiative and update themselves to be at the forefront in a market and system in constant growth.

All these points can be obtained from the implementation and certification of a management system that, as we have already mentioned, gives you everything you need to achieve the goals and objectives set by the organization.

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