ISO 14001: Environmental management system in the hotel sector

ISO 14001: Environmental management system in the hotel sector


Globally, the hotel industry is one of the most developed thanks to the tourism sector that countries have. The hotel sector is an essential part of tourism in Mexico, since it is of great contribution to our Gross Domestic Product, in addition to generating thousands of jobs annually; due to this, the importance of promoting strategies in terms of competitiveness within the industry and its follow-up with the standards that apply to it.

In recent years, tourism and technological growth has increased, having to make use of various resources such as world reserves. Organizations have had to increase the consumption of natural and material resources to meet the needs of tourists and the organization’s own supply chains.

One of the ways for you to cover environmental issues derived from tourism activities is through the ISO 14001 standard, which indicates the points that should be considered in your organization and in each of the areas in which it is divided, to examine and detect possible risks and opportunities regarding the processes carried out and thus be able to minimize environmental impacts.


ISO 14001 is applicable for different types of organizations, no matter your sector or size. The main objective is for your team to help minimize impacts by complying with environmental guidelines. This standard is responsible for ensuring that organizations have implemented an environmental management system that meets the requirements of the standard that is functional for your company and beneficial to the environment.

Taking into account that your industry consumes large amounts of resources due to water, energy and raw materials used to meet the objectives and services, you must take actions to reduce the damage caused, so your organization will show an important advantage over your competition, with an environmentally friendly image.

ISO 14001


By having an implemented and certified management system, especially in environmental matters, you will not only have a competitive advantage, but you will also show organizations how to be responsible and conscious, thus improving your reputation. Another benefit of having this standard is that there is a growth in your sales and income.

One of the easiest options to start with is for your team to use recyclable products, this measure can help your organization considerably not only to reduce the environmental impact, but also represent a representative economic saving.

The use of ecological or reusable materials reduces the use of water, so we recommend you to change some products such as napkins or paper in any presentation, for those that are specifically recyclable or easy to disintegrate.

Try to optimize the use of natural resources such as water and energy and distribute the resources that are necessary to meet the needs of your guests, reduce and manage possible waste.


Thanks to the ISO 14001 standard, environmental awareness has increased, for guests and owners of organizations in the tourism sector have opted for different ways to help the environment, such as using energy saving light bulbs and sensors.

Likewise, it is important to know that this standard is required worldwide, as it is based on environmental protection, pollution reduction and socioeconomic needs, therefore, by having a certification it is possible to cover legal requirements and, therefore, avoid penalties.

Remember that for these strategies to be effective, you need to foster an environmental culture. You must make sure that your employees and guests are aware of the actions you are taking.

Thanks to the high requirements of the environmental standard, it generates a new vision in you as part of your organization and will give you greater responsibility and leadership, showing that you have a real commitment to the environment. On the other hand, it shows your entire organization with the same commitment, allowing them to suggest new measures that can improve the environment.

When you have your environmental management system in place and have your certification, guests, customers and stakeholders are assured that your organization has high standards and gives them more confidence.

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