International Certification Body in ISO Standards

Transport Sector

The transportation sector is dedicated to an activity that requires efficiency; therefore, it is necessary to have a methodology based on organizational criteria, standardized activities and certain established behaviors.

It is important to establish that transportation is an activity linked to the impact on the environment, specifically carbon dioxide emissions, so it is important to establish certain standardization based on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Sector Transport


The implementation of the ISO Standard establishes certain commitments within the transportation sector, such as:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Exceeding expectations and responding to customer requirements.
  • Legal compliance with applicable regulations and those related to occupational health and safety hazards
  • Providing resources to enable personnel to identify and overcome obstacles to improving the quality of their work and impact on the environment
  • Systematize processes
  • Promote the training necessary to achieve a highly qualified workforce.
  • Encourage a participatory environment among employees, facilitating communication and teamwork.
  • Prevent errors
  • Professional ethics
  • Preventing damage and deterioration of the health of personnel
  • Ensuring environmental protection
  • Minimize, recycle, reuse and properly manage the waste generated and CO2 emissions
  • Encouraging continuous improvement