E-commerce as a basis for organizational development


When the term e-commerce first appeared, it was considered to encompass only information transactions by electronic means. However, in the mid-1990s, the concept of sales was introduced, where the means of payment was by electronic credit cards.

E-Commerce has been transformed over time and provides one of the largest networks of trade of products, goods and services around the world. Whether you are creating a micro-business, a national or international organization, Internet sales are the most cutting edge way for you to get more customers and grow financially.

There are several differences between e-commerce and conventional sales, one of them is that in e-commerce, it is true that there is a segment of potential customers determined by age or more specific characteristics but does not stick to geographic or psychosocial selection as traditionally done, this because there is no specific limit, if you do not have to rely on the excellent distribution of your information or creative digital marketing campaigns to reach your ideal customer.

Currently, thanks to the fact that most of the population has electronic devices such as cell phones, electronic tablets, laptops or desktop computers, E-Commerce is booming and it is likely that it will have a very high prominence to help boost industries of all kinds.


Due to the importance of commerce, several agreements and treaties have been unleashed to carry out a supply-demand of products and services without barriers and with the best benefits, both for companies and for the consumer; so it has become essential to have a certified work system through which organizations work under the best quality standards.

ISO certifications are certifications that help your organization to follow and comply with the points established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is in charge of creating the standards with the guidelines that must be implemented and complied with by your organization for its good performance. The most requested standard is ISO 9001:2015 developed for the certification of quality management systems. 

ISO 9001:2015 is applicable to any company, leaving aside distinctions by number of employees, activity, location or whether it enters the private or public sector.

Since trade is a main activity of countries, organizations dedicated to it must consider the utmost care in their processes to be able to offer their products with excellent quality, and this standard provides everything necessary for organizational objectives.

comercio electrónico


As we know we are in a difficult time in Mexico as well as in other countries due to the worldwide contingency for the new SARS-COVID-19 virus. Our work activity has had to change and adapt in order to continue with the necessary cash flow to maintain us as an organization, and not be paralyzed by this emergency situation that is damaging miles of business in existing industries.

To avoid bankruptcy and to face the crisis in which we are immersed, many organizations have chosen to give more weight to E-Commerce, opening their panorama to a new way of doing business, in which the primary objective is to close a transaction at the time of payment or in some cases the delivery of the electronic product, depending on the line of business in which it is located.

E-Commerce has been obtained in the most effective way to continue with sales to continue generating profits, a clear example of business growth in Mexico despite the Coronavirus is the online supermarket Justo.mx, which is entirely online sales and which had an increase in orders by 500%. Although it is a success story, it is also necessary to have a better operations strategy in order to meet demand and at the same time provide good service.


When organizations decide to make the leap to E-Commerce, they must have a well-developed plan to operate properly, in many cases they are not under an established system to meet quality standards, essential legal, operational, health or safety at work.

Therefore, it is important that you have a certification in ISO standards, which are the rules with international standards established for organizations to have the optimal basis for their operation, having your management system certified will help you provide a better service or product, and to take into account the welfare of your workers and the growth of your company.

ISO standards allow you to perform better than your competition and to offer a service and/or product with the highest quality without neglecting your commitment to your employees, your customers, stakeholders and even the environment.

In addition, having a management system either quality, environmental or occupational health and safety improves your corporate image and maintains the health of your organization thus achieving your strategic strengthening.

At QAlliance we have the staff trained in the various existing ISO standards to support you throughout your certification process. For more information and personalized attention, please contact us.