Eliminate bad practices in your processes with ISO 22000

Eliminate bad practices in your processes with ISO 22000


Nowadays in the business world tools and processes are used in order to achieve objectives and add steps in the work of the progress of the organization. A very useful tool for you is to work with a Food Safety Management System under the ISO 22000 standard.

With ISO 22000, the needs of the food industry are addressed with different principles or guidelines focused on good food handling and safety practices, which will provide you with the guidance to maintain an implemented and certified system that will validate that your organization has the best safety standards.

The ability to adapt is extremely necessary. The introduction, training and follow-up for your staff is intended to create awareness of the importance of following food safety and hygiene principles. Effective communication is essential for the prevention and control of food hazards, and it is important that you express it as part of the corporate culture for continuous improvement.

Entering a food company generates from the beginning the idea of a chain of processes and hygiene, you may find designated work areas, special uniforms, rules to follow for personal hygiene and hygienic habits. One issue to address is to achieve empathy from your collaborators, since the objective is to consolidate, facilitate and improve the processes of their daily work in your organization.

“When the leader lacks confidence, the followers lack commitment” -JHON MAXWELL.

Implementing the different guidelines and introducing them to the people responsible for each link in your chain may seem normal and simple at first glance, but reaching each of your collaborators can be a complicated situation. You need to implement a culture of care and self-care, because you and your employees may be somewhat affected not only in the daily work issues, but with the extra care due to the pandemic. You must recognize that we are in a new normal and organizations have to learn to work in a way that minimizes risk.


To increase the capacity of the different areas that make up your organization, you should use principles or standards such as ISO 22000, focused on food safety, which will consolidate and support your entire production; it will also help you manage processes, since it has a valuable guideline of requirements for you to recognize your stakeholders and you can include them in your objectives as well as in your policy to achieve a synergy with each person involved in your system, directly or indirectly.

A simple change tells you where to go, how you can achieve it and what is the time frame to meet your objectives. It is a dynamic that sounds obvious and quite simple, but not all companies or organizations have good leadership and management practices, which with ISO 22000 will make you stand out from your competition.

If you need more information about a food safety management system, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you meet your proposed objectives. Start with us your certification process, in QAlliance we provide a service focused on your needs.

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